• Chuffy Lickwound

    Chuffy Lickwound

    Chuffy’s face might make you sick, But Chuffy’s knife is awful quick. And if you are his stabby pick— Then knife goes in you, stick stick stick !
  • Mogmurch


    Things go boom when Mogmurch throws, Much more fun than using bows. Sometimes where the boom boom blows Is not my fault—that’s how it goes.
  • Pogus the Dum

    Pogus the Dum

    Sticks and rocks and scissors and glue, Candle wax and week old stew, He don't talk, he too dumb to, But stay away or he'll eat you.
  • Poog of Zarongel

    Poog of Zarongel

    Poog say Zarongel is the best, He help burnt hings and heal the rest. Zarongel’s favor makes Poog blessed. And Poog also stab you with knife if you make fun riding animals.
  • Reta Bigbad

    Reta Bigbad

    Reta likes to torment small, harmless animals and usually has a pocket full of such creatures in case she gets bored. She finds it hard not to shout when she speaks, and loves taking risks in combat to scare her enemies.