Communal Gear

Kickoff Party
x2 Dragon Brew Gourds (Adam, Paul)
Gorge of Gluttons (Shaun)
Chief’s Climbing Ring (Paul)
Chief Gutwat’s Robe of Many Things: ladder, 3 legged turtle, horse shoe, bull horn (Adam)

Slorb’s Stuff
chain shirt, small (Paul)
dogskin robe (Josh)
nice dog slicer (Paul)
bag of something (Blake)
necklace of hard skin (Paul)
two potions: CLW and ?? (Shaun, Paul)
coins: 15 cp, 1 sp (Adam)

Chief Fireworks (Adam)
x2 Desnan Candle
x4 Paper Candle
x1 Skyrocket

Lotslegs Eats Goblin Babies Many Hoard
25 gp
small mw light cross bow with 11 bolts
shiny pearl looks like Goblin eye ball
Potions x1 CMW, Bear’s Endurance, x1 mystery
wax paper sealed package on dead human (x3 candies that cure sickness)

Fighting Stomp
Hallowed out horse carcass…dubbed “The Goblin-Powered Horse Carriage”

Vorka’s Stuff
Man things some fancy man things
jade dragon lantern
fancy shuriken
ivory fan with a gecko and cherry blossoms
long hairpin with a pearl
mysterious wand
heart elixir (love potion #9)
red chest: 14 desdin candles, 20 paper candles, 7 sky rockets

Licktoad Fire
mw chain shirt, buckler, mw dagger, potion, goblin baby skulls (like 17)

Communal Gear

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